Monday, January 28, 2008

First story of the year

As most you know, I do a lot more editing than actual writing in my current job. Thus, even though we're nearly a month into the new year, my first bylines of 2008 are in today's paper.

The topic? High school bowling, of all things. I actually enjoyed doing these stories, as bowling as a team sport is unique in several ways, most notably the camaraderie among the teams. I also finally met some people who actually choose to watch the PBA on NFL Sundays on ESPN rather than football.

If I've piqued your interest, the articles are here and here.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

More great pictures!

These are just two examples from our most recent batch of Abby pictures. You can see how smart she is and how tired I am! To see them all, go here.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January update

Sorry for the long delay between posts! When I'm home and not sleeping, I'm usually busy hanging out with Abby or Katrina.

It's been a great few weeks. Abby was 13.5 pounds as of her visit to the preemie clinic last Friday. She's actually growing a little faster than they'd like, but it's nothing serious. She's doing so well that they don't want to see her again until April, at which point they might cut her down to regular infant formula instead of the high-calorie preemie kind.

While there, a physical therapist did some screening. Abby is right where she should be or maybe even a little ahead in her physical/motor development. That's great news and amazing given how early she was.

She slept more than 10 hours straight last night, and she almost never wakes up more than once in the night anymore. We're actually catching up on sleep!

Some other quick notes from the last few weeks (if Abby doesn't call me too soon!):

- My parents came to visit between Christmas and New Year's Day. They, of course, brought amazing amounts of gifts for Abby from Iowa. They also brought us some great new games, including Settlers of Catan and Cartagena.

- Jake and Lyz came up from Cincy over this weekend. Katrina invited them up as part of one of my Christmas presents, which was tickets to the musical "The Wedding Singer." We were in the last row of the Palace Theatre, but it still was a fun show and a good time with friends.

- It's been a busy time at work with the BCS title game debacle on top of the usual. We had a great breaking-news video posted last week. I happened early in the day, so I had nothing to do with it. I'm linking it here because it's such a good video.

Well, Abby calls. Thanks for reading.